We see the chaos…God sees it all.

to fall to pieces and find yourself in a whirlwind of ‘why me’ all too often. Depression does that to you, and anxiety and fear. Especially, when the wounds are still fresh and another one just opens. Just when you’re return from war, you’re commissioned to the battlefield once again. Hearing that ‘your redeemer lives’ seems like a distant reality only the elite get to experience. … More We see the chaos…God sees it all.

Being a ‘Good Person’ is not enough

Imagine knowing that you have access to owning a room in this luxurious estate. From a very young age you have been told about this room that is yours. You also know that all your friends and family have the same inheritance. Which means inevitably you would be amongst the people you love in a place that you have been promised to love. … More Being a ‘Good Person’ is not enough

DONE Pretending!

By: Tatum-Lee As a Christian woman, I have found myself pretending more than I should. Mostly because I  had this intense fear of failing and other times my elitist perception of being born-again, had me believe that admitting to struggling with things, was something I could not do because I am supposed to be ‘the … More DONE Pretending!

The People Pleasing Syndrome.

If you find yourself suffering from the ‘people pleasing German measles’ , you can get over it, you can get through it and you will. The very first step is Putting God at the top of every list you’ve ever made…When we are Jesus centered, we are not caught up in trying to do what will make our friends happy. We are completely focused on what will make God happy. … More The People Pleasing Syndrome.