DONE Pretending!

By: Tatum-Lee As a Christian woman, I have found myself pretending more than I should. Mostly because I  had this intense fear of failing and other times my elitist perception of being born-again, had me believe that admitting to struggling with things, was something I could not do because I am supposed to be ‘the … More DONE Pretending!

The People Pleasing Syndrome.

If you find yourself suffering from the ‘people pleasing German measles’ , you can get over it, you can get through it and you will. The very first step is Putting God at the top of every list you’ve ever made…When we are Jesus centered, we are not caught up in trying to do what will make our friends happy. We are completely focused on what will make God happy. … More The People Pleasing Syndrome.

The Power to Press

Most of the time, when we really going through the storms of life,the last thing we want to hear is “Have faith!”, “Be strong” and “It’s going to be okay”. These words can be agonizing when you’re down in the valley, but pretty powerful when you actually begin to believe it. The truth is…seasons don’t last forever. … More The Power to Press