Keziah Petersen- An Incubator of Worship

By: Tatum-Lee Louw

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At certain points in our lives, I am sure we have all experienced ‘dealing with difference’. Whether you were the girl who was never considered a ‘friend’ by the cool kids, or the guy who could never make the ‘grades’. Difference, much like change is something none of us are immune to, especially since Christ intentionally created us that uniquely.

Keziah Petersen, has a story of difference. One that resonates in the hearts of many of us, who have been victims to the worlds counterfeit ideas of success, that wounds us more than it should at times. The type of success that applauds ‘trophies’ and ‘awards’, but neglects to congratulate courage and bravery.
What is there to be said and done, when the world leaves you secluded and discouraged?

“I may not have the experience other people do, or a fancy degree, but what I do have is a voice that I can glorify God with, a voice that I can worship Him with. He qualifies me! Worship God church, not for what He can do for you, but for who He is”.

This is her response, while leading worship on Sunday morning at Tell Them Ministries.
Known for her golden voice, golden heart and her selflessness in pursuing God, Keziah Petersen is on the doorstep of her music launch, following the release of her debut single ‘Biggest Fan’. Her single has been trending on gospel radio stations across South Africa. From CCFM to King Fisher FM, in Port Elizabeth.
Keziah is the praise and worship leader at Tell Them Ministries International. Her gift of singing was discovered while growing up in a devout Christian home. Being a ‘PK’, Keziah knows what it is to have devoted much of her time to the youth and music ministry of the church. Not only has she grown in leaps and bounds, but the rest of the church family has too.
In the past, Keziah has attempted to enter the gospel industry, making it to the semi-finals of the Voice Search competition in her high school years and going on to be one of the ten finalists of the CCFM Sing for the King competition, early in 2015. This reignited her dream of pursuing her gift as recording artist for the Kingdom of God.

Keziah has since established a unique sound, with the help of her music Producer Gershwin Koen. Her single release ‘Biggest Fan’ is only the beginning of great things. The Keziah Petersen Music slogan – is as dynamic as he is ‘An Incubator of Worship’.
As we know, an incubator, is an apparatus designed with a controlled warm temperature to nurture new or sick babies for special care and protection. In other words, it is a place conducive to the growth and health for those fortunate enough to be in that environment.

Her slogan, “Incubator of Worship” comes from the belief that her purpose in life is to lead others in Worship. She believes that something precious is birthed through us when we worship God, and just as a premature baby relies upon an incubator for survival, so it is in life where worshiping God is our lifeline to surviving troubled times. “Because when our hearts become a place of pure worship, and we become one with God, that is where we give birth to new life, new hope, and a new purpose”.

On the 25th of August 2017, Keziah Petersen Music will have its official launch. The launch will be taking place at the Reeler Theatre, at Rondebosch Boys High.

Follow Keziah Petersen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can listen to her debut single on Sound Cloud.
To book Keziah for ministry events, please email:





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Tatum-Lee is a Born Again Christian, qualified writer and content producer who resides in Cape Town, lives on Facebook  and reads books for breakfast. She makes a conscious effort to remain on top of the news and is equipped to produce all kinds of content, works exceptionally well with briefs and makes people look ‘kwaai’ on Facebook.  S

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