DONE Pretending!

By: Tatum-Lee As a Christian woman, I have found myself pretending more than I should. Mostly because I  had this intense fear of failing and other times my elitist perception of being born-again, had me believe that admitting to struggling with things, was something I could not do because I am supposed to be ‘the … More DONE Pretending!

Ever been a victim of Social Bullies? Me too!

I’ve always thought of bullying in its physical form. For example, in primary school, I was the kid who had to make sure I had enough money to buy herself a Copenhagen as well as the girl who terrorized me, every day. She’ll probably read this, since we friends on Facebook, just wanted her to know that despite the countless Copenhagen she took from me, Life is great and so is God. … More Ever been a victim of Social Bullies? Me too!