Living with Uncertainty

By: Tatum-Lee

The scary thing about uncertainty is that you most likely never escape it. You will always be uncertain about most things, especially the future. This is the very first time I am 22, I was pretty uncertain about it until I arrived here.  This might be the very first time you’re a mother, a wife, a student or perhaps you just about at the brink of starting your career.  The truth is we are never quite certain about things until we arrive at a familiar place.

I get anxious about taking drives to places I am uncertain of, the conversation in the car will tense up until I know where I am headed.  Sometimes it’s that very same anxiety that makes me panic about the ‘future me’ and what God has in store for my life. It is an area I have had to deal with because of the constant fear that plagued my mind. He showed me a few wonderful things, while we prepared the graveside for my fears.  It changed the way I live, gave me a brand new perspective of my year and now it’s my turn to share it with you.

“ For we were saved in this hope, but hope that is seen is not hope, for why does one still hope for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, then we eagerly wait for it with perseverance”.

(Romans 8:24-25)

Reading this passage of scripture once was not enough, I spent time trying to exact its meaning. Something about it spoke to the innermost part of me and  shed light on a few things that I had not given any mind to before.  Four things to be exact: 

Uncertainty is not married to negativity

Most of the time when we ‘don’t know’ we automatically assume failure, hurt or pain. I guess our fleshly tendency to ‘flight or fight’ kicks in. This is where our anxiety is birthed, but this is not the way God intended us to live. It’s really okay that you don’t know at times, in fact, it is an opportune time for God to move!

Uncertainty demands faith

Being in this space without a glimmer of faith is horrific. Strong term to use, but that’s what I have experienced. You feel hopeless and depressed and quite frankly it allows no room for positivity. I had to learn through these scriptures that my uncertainty makes room for growth. It means that I have to have complete faith in God because He is the only one that knows my beginning and my end. (See Hebrews 11:6).

Uncertainty test your character

‘But if we hope for what we do not see, then we eagerly wait for it with perseverance’. In a period of waiting you’re bound to experience some sort of frustration, and easily it can become your focus point, but with a fresh perspective, we can experience a different kind of molding. By aligning ourselves with God’s way of doing things, we have the opportunity to not only grow our character in the spiritual sense, but also in every aspect of our lives. You’ll win at being an employee, a student, and a parent, when you learn the valuable lesson of relying on God and His strength, during periods ‘where you just don’t know’.

Uncertainty has the potential to become a powerful testimony

I was not shocked when I finally started working and had various challenges, why? Because people who have been in my shoes mentally prepared me for what was about to happen. I use the word potential because it entirely depends on how you react to your circumstances. People can either gain strength from hearing/seeing that you made it or they can become just as discouraged as you are as you wait for familiar surroundings.

I know that uncertainty is just a matter of fact for me, as a fragile human being. But God has always been certain about our future. I bet he laughs at us sometimes worrying over things only He has a hand in. You are going to be okay, even though you in a period of ‘I don’t know’…God does. He is the most valuable member of your team.

Now go out there and win!


21Tatum-Lee is a Born Again Christian, qualified Writer and Content producer who resides in Cape Town, lives on Facebook and reads books for breakfast. She makes a conscious effort to remain on top of the news and is equipped to produce all kinds of content, works exceptionally well with briefs and makes people look Kwaai on Facebook.


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