5 Reasons why you need Content Marketing for your Brand/Business.

By: Tatum-Lee

Competing in the digital age is really tough. Customers want a quick fix, with minimal effort. Don’t believe me? When last have you watched a YouTube video without skipping the ads? Your small business needs enticing, inviting content, which does not require decluttering before getting to the point.

5 reasons why your small business needs content marketing:

1. Your website is everything

To your customers “the what you see, is what you get’ principle applies”. A dull, boring website will most likely not increase your turnover or anything else for that matter. Your content needs to be engaging and suitable to the vision of the business and the needs of your target market.  Fresh constant, on a regular basis, will keep your customers coming back for more.

For example:

2. Your brand should be recognized as trusted expert

Make sure you know what you’re talking about.  There are 10 million printing companies in South Africa, why should your social media following listen to you? Are you educating your clients, sharing industry related news or surprising them with facts they didn’t know? Well, you should be and by doing this you will become a trustworthy expert.

Identify what you’re great at:
What’s your niche?

3. You need to boost awareness

Consistency is key. You need to share content on a regular basis.  Generating useful creative content is exactly what you need. You may recycle content weekly. The more people see your brand, the higher the chances of them using your services. Create constantly and duplicate regularly.

Through creating content using these mediums:
Infographic by co-schedule

4. You need to retain customers

Remember how tough your first sale was? Exactly. You need to not only generate customers but keep them. It is much harder to gain customers than to sell a product/service to an existing customer. If you’re good, they’ll come back and word of mouth will sell your product/service for you. Content creation keeps your customers coming back for more.

Draw them in with content:
Image: HHM Auto

5. Your customers  need to feel valued

When you create new, engaging and informative content. It gives your customer base a sense of value, even before requesting your services. People are more likely to engage with your product/service when you provide valuable content before, then showcasing what you have to offer after they buy your product.

Don’t believe me? :

Start now


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Tatum-Lee is a Freelance writer, content producer, and social media manager. She is the owner of Just Write, a company birthed by her passion for creating exciting, innovative and engaging content. She is currently employed as media coordinator and is in the process of completing her postgraduate degree.


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