Facebook and Twitter tightening up security

By: Tatum-Lee

Are you one of those people who love posting before and after semi-nudes on Facebook or Twitter? From bikini shots to transparent shorts, You could be charged with committing a criminal offense.Misuse of your favorite social media sites could get you in some serious trouble. Facebook and Twitter have put in place new regulations which will soon be in effect. These regulations are particularly aimed at restricting the posting of sexual content online and minimizing hate speech.

Here are a few more crimes, you may be committing unintentionally, but are punishable by law.

  1. Multiple account abuse

Hiding your real identity on the internet is commonplace and putting in fake details happens worldwide. However, you may not have multiple accounts on Facebook or Twitter, with overlapping uses.  Especially if your account has been suspended or banned. It is a criminal offense and ‘good faith’ won’t get you out of this one. If you are ‘Adam’ please don’t create an account called ‘Eve’ to spy on your crush. Not only does Facebook and Twitter think this is creepy, but so does the police.

  1. Impersonation.

You may not pretend to be someone else or post something in someone else’s name claiming to be them. Doing this means that you are infringing on ‘their’ identity. It not only causes damage to the person reputation, but it is considered intentional and morally improper. Ladies quit replying to your boyfriend’s messages pretending to be him and vice versa. 

3.Privacy info

Please people, you may not post your friends numbers or email addresses in the comment section. Neither may you post their details on other people’s walls, without permission. Their information is private and if anyone asks, this should be your response: “I’ll ask him/her if it is okay and then get back to you”.  This is not only a common practice BUT it is punishable by law. So be careful, before the only contact details you have, is the department of correctional services.

4.Intellectual Property

No this is not obvious. Listen! This does not only apply to academic essays and books! You cannot quote or post three lines of Shakespeare’s poems and place your name at the bottom of it. You must reference! Plagiarism is considered theft. Besides most of the time, we know you didn’t say it anyway.

5.Promotions and competition

To the budding entrepreneurs, I feel you on this one. Sadly, you cannot run any sort of competition on your Facebook or Twitter page using facebook or Twitter’s features. Basically ‘ Like our page and share on your timeline’ is illegal. You need to use either another app to do this via Facebook or create a custom page. 

Although these rules may restrict most of us ‘social entrepreneurs, abiding by them is highly beneficial. These OFFENCES occur most regularly on Facebook and Twitter feeds. It is taken very seriously and when the new regulations become law. It will be monitored even more rigorously.

‘Also’ Thank me later…


21Tatum-Lee is a Born Again Christian, qualified Writer and Content producer who resides in Cape Town, lives on Facebook  and reads books for breakfast. She makes a conscious effort to remain on top of the news and is equipped to produce all kinds of content, works exceptionally well with briefs and makes people look Kwaai on Facebook.  She loves getting paid for her work, but really hates asking for money, so if ever you are in need of content, no rhetorical questions are allowed. Also, never use the word also.



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