Coloured Identity Crisis?


The Write to Right


“It’s in the way we speak, our opinions on things, the heritage we claim as ours every festive season, the favourite foods and slang terms for family members”, says University graduate Tatum-Lee Louw who has been living in Mitchell’s Plain, a middle class coloured community all her life.

The debate on coloured identity in South Africa has been oozing for quite some time now, dating back to as early as the Apartheid regime. There are people who don’t want to be identified as being coloured and then there are people who are proud of the connotation that comes along with the form of identification. Tatum is one of many that firmly believe that coloured identity should be an evident aspect in society.

When looking back at how it all began I understand why some people feel that they have not yet embraced their true identity and culture and their resistance…

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