When it REIGNS it pours…

The beginning of Spring, never really means the end of the cold. It may be the end of one season, but it takes a while before Winter’s residue passes. In Cape Town, a little bit of rain is still to be expected, and such we have have experienced in the last few weeks.

So as I sat at the bus stop, as the latter rain was falling, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, first through a range of synonyms, then through sentences and now I have made it my own and I’d like to share it with you.

Two words.Same pronunciation, completely different meaning, but similar, in how both of them have the ability to evoke so much change, and so much beauty. Sometimes:

It needs to RAIN before we REIGN…

The cold is bearable, especially if you are use to a particular climate, but the rain is where things get really awkward. Everything is moist, damp and uncomfortable. It seems like it seeps in everywhere. For the working class, there is no escaping it, well unless you are able to park your car inside your office and if you are, please don’t comment here, it would just be embarrassing.

For the most part, people tend to escape the rain. Always finding alternative routes, measures and durability, to withstand this force of nature.Not to mention the outrageous expense on Winter clothes(A few of the jackets I meant to have is still in lay-bye)…till next year then. I am one of those people, who runs to avoid getting wet and uses ‘getting a cold’ as an a excuse. I hardly ever stay in the rain long enough to appreciate the warmth of my home. I hate the way it  impairs my vision when driving, and the way everything takes long hours to dry, the way it upsets my day even before getting to anywhere and the way life has to stand still until the storm passes.

But when making my observation, God called me a little deeper, in fact way deeper, in fact He through me right into the deep-end. Natural rain occurs when the ground heats up and causes the moisture in the ground to evaporate, and rise. As the warm air rises, it cools down and condenses into clouds, eventually causing rain.


Just as nature illustrates this beautiful example through the water cycle, it also has something to tell us about our situation.

Isn’t it true, that sometimes we get trapped on the ground level of our lives. The heat begins to rise up and the pressure begins to mount. We feel anxious , stressed out and immensely overwhelmed, to the point where most of us really feel lifeless in the uncomfortable warmth of our worries. This is merely one perspective, one way, to which I have clinged to in fact. But in the depth, God revealed to me another way of ‘seeing’,a new dimension to my thinking. He showed me that my vision was impaired and I was responsible to fix it.

It does not rain without reason, just as the earth needs purification. God knew that we do too. Look at this figuratively, spiritually. Sometimes, it storms down on us. Life, work, school, relationships, no relationships, financial pressures, rejection etc. Sometimes these things come in like a flood from the pacific ocean(Yes, I am dramatic). But what I actually want to inspire is a new perspective. That is precisely it, sometimes it rains, to give us a’cooler’ perspective of our fiery situations. It is not to inspire a friendship with you, and the cold or an excuse for you to buy rain coats in every color 🙂 …But it is an opportunity for you to Reign, over your situation, over your flood, over your storm.

This, by all means, does not mean that it will be easy. You know what they say “When it rains it pours”, but I would like to alter this cliche to, ‘”When it Reigns, it pours”. To reign means to ‘hold royal office’. Wouldn’t you love God to enable you, with the power to govern your mind, heart and emotion. There’s nothing you can teach Him about reigning, He does it naturally, He is the very embodiment of the word. But there is so much He can teach you about controlling your perspectives about the storms of life. The disciples were amazed after Jesus rebuked the storm they were so terrified of…

You of little faith,” Jesus replied, “why are you so afraid?” Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and it was perfectly calm

Matthew 8:26

They even asked each other ;

Who is this man , even the winds and the waves obey Him

                   Matthew 8:27

Let us not find ourselves in a situation, where our faith is questionable. But today if you are facing a storm, God is looking for an opportunity to Reign in your life and for you to Reign over your circumstances.You are not forgotten. Sometimes it just takes a little rain for us to reign!




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