By: Tatum-lee Louw – 11 April 2016

First Published by Live Magazine

Totally in his comfort zone at the UCT Radio office, Mark Fitzgibbon reclines in his chair and humorously explains how busy and chaotic most of his days are. He’s currently juggling his postgraduate science degree, with being a radio personality and a Youtube sensation.

Mark Fitzgibbon has become a hit online and in Cape Town as a whole. His hilarious weekly YouTube videos about his personal experiences and views on being coloured have made him the talk of the town. Towards the end of 2013 he posted a vlog titled “The tief” directly translated as “the bitch” which earned him 13,412 views and rapidly grew his channel.

His vlogs highlight things which most people in Cape Town shy away from and some of his more popular posts include, ‘The Cape coloured slang’, ‘Tiefs on the train’, ‘Tiefs in the mall’, ‘Crazy ex’s’ and a personal favourite ‘Coloureds love things’. With over 100 vlogs on YouTube, Mark says he aims to empower people through his channel. “People tend to push the coloured language down but it’s so rich and dynamic,” he says.

Mark CollageMark’s vlogs spark a lot of controversy, parodying their slang and mannerisms. The vlogger says he draws on personal experience to add substance to his content. “I want to make an emotional connection with the person on the other side of my videos and I say things people don’t want to say but are thinking.” Mark admits he uses shock and vulgarity as to get people to watch his vlogs, but says none of them are aimed at calling people out.

Mark has been compared to comedian Marc Lottering who also grew up in Mitchells Plain. Both Fitzgibbon and Lottering are familiar with the coloured culture and  share the same comedy style. And although this is extremely flattering Mark says he is the first Mark Fitzgibbon and does not aspire to be anyone else but himself.

In future, we can expect to see Mark exploring stand-up comedy. He also plans to combine his passion for science with his vlogging. “The most beneficial part of having my vlogs on YouTube is that it has presented me with a lot of opportunities and I cherish the positivity that it has provided me with.” Mark has received many messages from South Africans abroad, who thank him for providing them with humour from back home.

Mark Fitzgibbon is definitely a YouTube sensation to watch out for and has made being a coloured in Cape Town a hilarious experience.

Follow Mark on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

All photography by Storm Wright. Follow me on Twitter: @tatumlee25


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