An open letter to Ayanda George

By: Tatum-Lee

I’m sorry that this is you in 2016 and that for some reason you have this vague,distorted image of us. Your status is so descriptive, yet overwhelmingly destructive, thoughtful, stereotypical and undeniably racist. But because of the way the world works, we as colored people understand, that you won’t be liable to pay any fine for your ‘mental enslavement’ of our supposed ‘kind’. So I’ll offer a polite correction to your supposed diagnosis of our identity.

‘We not trying hard to be white’.

Trust me,I live in Mitchell’s Plain,thus I am probably the most colored-est colored you’ll ever encounter. We are well aware that we are not white, we observe white privilege just like you do and also fall victim to it every so often. We are religiously reminded of our colouredness, by the way we are excluded and spoken to condescendingly. We are seen as the off cuts between white and black , the rejected race and treated as anthropology subjects. We face the same struggle you do, we’ll talk if you’ll listen.Oh! and if there are those coloreds whom you are speaking about in your status! Tell them to please calm down and to quit acting out!

‘Born to be followers’.

Honey, we in a league of our own. Born to be followers of what exactly?Are you setting the example? Should we follow you? I am not sure what you are insinuating. This is bizarre. If you speaking about following trends,then you have my applause, because this is racism and you’re going with it. If you’re speaking about politics, how is it possible for us to even secure a space in debates about race, when this is what you are saying about us?

‘they’re  still slaves’

The only slave I see here is you.While the rest of us are hoping and praying for utopia, you’re being a rebel. You are enslaved my dear, we are all well aware that it is 2016 and most of us have joined the period of enlightenment.Slaves hold on to colonized ideas of what the world should look like, which is precisely what you are doing. It’s not just black and white, we may be in the middle but we are here too and even this lame ass status of yours won’t marginalize us. Hopefully, this will free you!

“give them drugs and alcohol and sell stolen goods”

My dear, I know black people who use drugs and alcohol and sell stolen goods. I know white people who use drugs and alcohol and sell stolen goods. What is your point? You are not above the standard. The characteristics your are highlighting must come from a familiar place. You have no grounds to what you are saying. No validation, no facts.

“I don’t like them”

But we never ever asked you to. We did not ask for this racist opinion as well. We have many opinions, but we are conscious about the context, time and frame we are living in. We have learned to respect people, for who they are. I don’t like many things, but I have never seen such blatant ignorance and disregard for a fellow human being.

Besides your horrific non-use of grammar, your refusal to use commas, full stops and capital letters AND you even spelled incorrectly. Your opinion is flawed,it’s racist and it comes from a place of misunderstanding and misinterpretation.You cannot make statements like this on public platform and not expect to be criticized.

Dear Ayanda ,

You have no idea what you are talking about…ask Penny Sparrow


85 thoughts on “An open letter to Ayanda George

  1. Tatum-Lee you killed it girl, not because you fought back but because you killed her with intellect of which she thought we lacked. You improved the argument by merely stating facts and as a proud girl from Mitchell’s Plain myself I applaud you for having the guts and articulating it to the T. AWESOME!


  2. Ayanda you truly are an empty vessel. Have you tried befriending a coloured person. People of note. We truly represent the rainbow nation. Most coloured families are intermarried to either white black muslim or european nationality or coloured.we are truly representatives of what South Africa is about. You forgot to mention we believe in God. Proudly Coloured


  3. Ayanda you really need a reality check. The name Coloured alone says it all. Diverse and unique, that’s what we are. I’m coloured and very proud to be one. I really don’t know which planet you come from but certainly not South Africa. I have black, coloured, white and Indian friends and the reason why I fit in to any race group is because coloureds are born from different race. In every race you will find an error but it does not mean we all the same and even finding an error we as fellow South Africa’s should try to help rectify the error instead of bringing people down. All I can say to people like you read your Bible and repent. No one is above anyone in this world. There’s only one man who can judge. He made us and sees us all as human beings. Don’t comment on gossip you hear instead look at facts in History and all truth will be revealed. I am personal disgusted in the way you think and as you have made this horrific comment about us, I hope that this can be put in the open so that people can see that it’s not just whites as they put it but also black people like you who are racist. Shame on you. I would hide myself from humanity if I were you. You have really dialed the wrong number and shaked the wrong tree if you know what this means. Don’t trust and be famous and think people will follow you. Do you know what the advertise on TV everyday. “Simunye” don’t take the word Black Empowerment in the wrong context or should I say the wrong way. One day you will regret what you say. South Africa is not standing still. Maybe you don’t know this or you don’t want to know this. The truth is we made history and we still belong. I will say it once again I’m proud to be “COLOURED”


  4. Ayanda Why really…. We have enough shiit going in this country already. If what penny sparrow and others have said by calling ”blacks monkeys” u no different from her own delusional opinions. This has to stop.. We all Africans . I think people that refuse to act appropriately or cant live with other races ,should leave this country.

    White Privilege- You and I both know you see a conversation like that at least once a week. It’s time we hold our own community to account. If I dare say it, this isn’t even about race, it’s about basic ethics and morals and manners. Our privilege has dehumanised us. Let’s take our humanity back.


  5. Ayanda

    Hope you could answer the following questions?
    1. Who was person(s) who put drug in his/ her head?
    2. Who acted that all the money in the country belongs only to her/ him?
    3. Who is currently abusing her/ his/ power?
    4. Who is currently underminning the Constitution?
    5. Why is it that you hate fellow human beings so much?
    6. How far will such stupid arguments bring you!
    7.Who do not respect the Constitution of this democratic country? And lastly,
    8. Why do you not have respect for other people?

    Hope your ancesters will not let you sleep and that you will have a life full of happiness!


  6. I won’t be beating around a bush.
    Well said Tatum-Lee what a way to stand up for our significant kind.
    ONLY comment to that racist “sun of a gun” you need to wake up Lady and face reality.
    _scumbag Bitch
    fuck to a non-human world!!!!!!!
    sick of you Idiots & besides, whites are trying so hard to be like “coloureds” ever fucking noticed?


  7. ayanda unlike the other comments here…You beta thnx God there ain’t no coloured infront of you rite now…You probably wouldn’t be able to write for some time!!!!


  8. Very good response Tatum , I salute u as a coloured myself , could not have said it betta , actually I would have been very blunt and shown my true coloured side . As it is with this government if you say too much u get prosecuted , what is going to happen to this arsehole ?? Just shows you the. Stupid mentality of some of them …


  9. Well expressed. I’m confident that there are thousands of coloured folk that feel this way. The saddest part of this occurrence is that because of the colour of the offenders skin, it’s overlooked. This post that has probably upset a lot of people as well as make some feel proud of their ‘race’ alike, won’t make the news. It won’t be trending on Twitter or go viral on Facebook. It wouldn’t be discussed openly on major radio stations because of race. It’s sad. What makes a black racial offense different to a white racial offense and that to a coloured offense or any other race ?!
    Democratic Republic of South Africa ? Really ? Post-Apartheid ?


  10. Ayanda im a young coloured mother rasing a 6year what the fuck are u teaching ur kids ha i think u must cum speak 2 my son thatz onli 6 and he will tell u the colour of ur skin mean jackshit in the eyes of our maker jy moet jou kop laat lees Ayanda ons kinds raak groot wat julle leer begind by jou what u sow u shall reep dnt even knw if i spelled that ryt Ayanda u knw what i love about babies children kids is that they dnt fuckn care about skin colour i dnt even think the notice it all they see is a new friend 4 them so bitch please u need 2 spend tym with some toddlers white black and coloured then u’ll see they dnt care abt wat colour who is they just enjoy the humanrace


  11. I dont have words for this person that calls herself a human being but her comment just shows how unhappy she is with herself as a black person. Its a shame really because regardless of what she have to say about us, I am super proud to be a coloured person. Ayanda!!! Embrace your blackness girl and stop hating on other races.


  12. Not that I want to give this Ayanda any more attention , that she clearly needs , but here is my 2 cents
    My mother is half venda, half indian – My father is half muslim half Portuguese.. I am Proudly Colored. This is a painful Topic because of my diversity I see comments like Ayanda spewed out and I wonder did she go to school .?
    So some colored guy hurt you , now you want to diss on the entire race.
    Stop it , Read a book my babe please its in your best interest ,
    Being Colored is so much fun though , I can be black , I can be white I can be COLORED.
    Lets have coffee sometime , ill take you to the area I am from so you just understand how rich in substance we really are —
    How old are you ? and who are your parents ? Let me do some research , your statement has really awoken something in me , and now I think you need clarity on the matter –Yeah


  13. Damn…😨👏hey you just set the record straight right there😝…..jy se haar kak in ‘n mooi manier,did that like a [B]oss 😎
    I’m a coloured too myself and this racist shit is even going on at school about us coloureds tryna be white or us along with the white kids get privileges, daai is mooi skoon kak, because everyone gets treated fairly… this Ayanda person is just tryna bring back Apartheid.#boring, she also probably didn’t or still doesn’t get enough attention at home


  14. Dear Ayanda,
    For some reason i feel compelled to comment on this one, i usually do not involve my self with these kind of things especially when it comes to South African racial conflicts due to the fact that i am not even South African even though for the past 11 years i have called South Africa and Cape Town my home.I am married to a South African lady or should i rather say to a Colored lady? however you prefer it but the point is, your post is heart breaking to me because as a black person i feel ashamed that we have come to a point where we are just looking for the next person to undermine in order to feel better about our selves. As a foreigner living in this country, I have Suffered a great deal of Xenophobic discrimination and hatred mostly from Black South Africans, and here you are publicly attacking Coloreds with misguided, misinformed, racist and purely ignorant comments!
    As i was reading your Facebook post i couldn’t help but think you are just another one who thinks being a black South African who have endured and suffered the wrath of apartheid makes it all okay to be Racist, Xenophobic and Homophobic. Sorry Ayanda, but it is not Okay! If this was a white or Colored person to say those things about blacks , he/she would have no job to go to on Monday.
    Your post is just a demonstration of your ignorance, stupidity and total lack of Knowledge about Colored People and the only parson i see here who is still a slave is YOU. you are such a mental slave that you hate your self and your kind to an extent the only way to make yourself feel better about who you are is to “inferiorate” others! It’s a shame you need education. prayers wont work on you.

    And to a certain Jade in the comments @JediJada (RoyalChocolate) who said this is the worst open latter you have ever read, If the writer used fancy words and big grammar to sound intelligent and please people like you, then it would have just been an article not a letter! a letter is from heart. the writer simply put down her sincere feelings and thoughts Directed at AYANDA not You. so i don’t know why you felt the need to let us know that you are such a regular reader of open letters and this is the worst you have ever read. quite honestly how good this letter is, is irrelevant to the topic!

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  15. Everyone is entitled to theie opinions in life, but be mindful of their impact that voicing your opinion has on society. The plee for one to be selfless when weighing the conciquences of voicing you opinion is just that, a plee. I am a black person and I do not condone any race feeling they have a right to openly mark another for what good? Is that you being productive with your life? I can not force you to hear the Cry’s of the people but beg you not to be one of the reasons our society is saddened.


  16. Ayanda needs a life.Guessing she got rejected by one of our gorgeous coloured men or that one of our beautiful coloured women stole her man.Whatever the reason for this ignorant rant the girl needs therapy and a reality check.Coloured people are unapologetically AWESOME.Bite me


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