Your guide to taking taxi’s in Cape Town…

For those of us who can only afford Uber at the end of the month(not me) and are still subject to the oppresion that is public transport. You might find this information really useful and advantageous when travelling with a taxi, especially in Cape Town.

Before we get into it. Please understand that all the information below, stems from personal experience. Just incase a proud taxi ambassador reads this. Don’t stry me!

Here we go:

  1. Choose the quantum

Although Quantums are prone to Laptopism(fake cardboard seats, requiring two passengers to balance another person’s weight), they are very spacious and although a random stranger may sit on your lap sometimes. The chances of it’s wheel falling off is minor. Whereas the ‘siyaya’ will probably force you to access your life insurance prematurely. I have been in a ‘siyaya’ , recently, when one of its wheels fell off mid N2. Of course I got home safely, because the driver was so experienced in getting the van to stop with only three wheels. I know about 4 other people this happened to! That’s alot.

The definite right choice.
Don’t get in this


  1. Choose the window seat

Sitting by the window(especially on a lengthy trip to wherever) is healthy investment. Not only do you get an amazing view(lol), a unstable headrest(Window) but also you won’t have to get up if anyone needs to get off. It’s the perfect seat. However if you are not so lucky,

  1. Rather sit in the middle

Because if you do sit on the end of the seat. You , my friend, will be responsible for stabilising the laptop:). This can be a pretty strenuous exercise. Firstly, you are basically the only force between the ground and that person. Secondly , if you fail. The shade level will be arctic. Don’t be the failed laptop person. Avoid it.


  1. Sitting in front?

Not such a good idea. If you have option, move to the back , effective immediately. Because that two seater , will quickly turn into a four seater and guess what? Jy kan niks se nie :(.

  1. Always wear comfortable shoes

Taxi drivers are always in a hurry. If you are catching a taxi, in peak(early morning or late afternoon) you will either face the possibility of standing all the way , some of the way , or most of the way. ‘Iemand klim nou af girl, this is such a lie. This one taxi driver told me this , in Mitchell’s plain! Got to town and I was still standing. Yoh! My feet died.

  1. Cash crusaders on wheels

Check that you have everything before getting out. You can even broadcast on Etv that you lost your handbag in the taxi. You not getting it back, my dear. It’s 2016 finders keepers is definitely a thing.Whatever you forgot, is on you. WATCH YOURSELF.


  1. Calculated steps.

Listen, if you know your stop is first, why are you right at the back in the corner? Such a buzz kill, now the whole taxi must get out just for you to come through. No man, be leka. Think of us als


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