‘Single’-is not a disease

Because the ‘Nee , jy moet nou plan maak’, ‘You still alone’, ‘You must go out more’, ‘I have a cousin you will like’ and ‘Why don’t you join a dating site’? is getting really annoying.  There is a few things you need to no about single people or  perhaps its just me (Dont lie to yourself!), that might be a little far fetched for you.

I’m only 22.

I am actually 21, but my birthday is 6 months away, so I usually just round off. As I was saying, I am only 22. I have a life actually besides what you see. There are goals and things I strive to achieve, including hiking up table mountain. I’m not really sure what God is doing in my life to be honest , but I am thankful that He is in charge and not me. I am only 22. Easy with the shadiness.

She’s  just so lonely…

Oh! Hello! Akon… I hate this word , because it implies that I need someone to complete my life. Even worse, it implies that my life is incomplete. I am not lonely, I am just not thirsty . Do you know what’s really lonely? being with someone who is dull and uninspired. For now , I love that I can have my Big Mac upsized, without having to share my fries with anybody. Now , can you please have a seat.

I actually do move past my front door

Dude! I am not over here buried in piles of books and watching the Titanic.Although , ideally the universe has this idea that singles should be out wearing “I need someone” signs around our necks . Thats not cool . Most times when we are out , its the last thing on our minds and we are okay! Really , most times your friends are more freaked out than you are! DRAMATIC MUCH?

You forgetting that I am a christian

If you not saved, you won’t understand a few things. I have no reason to be out in a ratchet place trying to draw some random guys attention. As tempting as it is. I can’t interfere with God’s plan for my life. I’ve been there before and I got burned badly . So please , the way I see it . There’s more to being single than what meets the surface.

When I make ‘Trying to find my Boaz’ jokes…



I’m trying to make light of my situation because all you doing is making it seem like the worst thing in the world. When I am out here trying to maximise my singleness , you’re ostracizing me for it. Stop! Also its not coming out of a deep place , where I’m depressed. I am really just making a joke! It may be a bit dry , but to me its really damn funny.

No, I don’t want your cousin.


Okay, when did I fill in this application. Its not even a nice gesture. I feel like i’m on the worst episode of the bachelorette. If you do this to your friends, please stop. Its really really awkward. We not declining because we stubborn. We declining because we not interested in your family tree.

Don’t invite me out if you’re going to explain to people why I am there alone

Sorry, Hi my name is Tatum and I can speak for myself. Why are you explaining to people that I am single? WEIRD. Its pretty insulting even my tea went cold with the level of shade you just through my way.

To whom it may concern.


I am really are happy for you.

I am really happy for you. The fact that God blessed you with someone makes my heart happy . I don’t envy what you have with your partner and No! I am not secretly wishing that I can have the same. I understand that God in His might is planning something pretty unique for me. Just as he has done with you.



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